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The Quickening Theatre company and Gloucester Productions are thrilled to present Duncan McMillan's West End hit play LUNGS which has been produced worldwide to great acclaim.

Do we? Can we? Should we? A young urban couple consider whether or not to have a child in today’s toxic and insecure environment, beset by global warming and political unrest.

What unfolds is a dazzling rollercoaster ride through a shared lifetime. Fiercely funny, disarmingly honest and heartbreakingly poignant, LUNGS is a love story for our generation, for whom uncertainty and chaos is a way of life.


The play is directed by Bianca Amato and with Jazzara Jaslyn and Sanda Shandu as the couple in question. 7 - 24 February only at Theatre On The Bay

021 438 3301

Images: Claude Barnardo

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